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Patriotic Movement Obraz (Dignity)

In 1993 Nebojsha M. Krstich along with a group of orthodox nationalists started to gather people for the strong national movement of Serbia, called «Obraz» (Dignity). In 1995 with the help of several monks, priests and bishop Daniil the movement started to publish the orthodox patriotic magazine also named «Obraz». According to Serbs themselves this was the best orthodox magazine in Serbia that however ceased publication at the end of 1996. From 1994 until 1997 the patriotic movement «Obraz» published not only the magazine but also orthodox national patriotic books (including «St. John of Kronshtadt — Orthodox Russia Prophet»). From approximately 1997-1998 the patriotic movement «Obraz» started the political activities.

Nebojsha M. Krstich

The movement promptly spread attracted thousands of new supporters from all regions of Serbia: Shumadija, Vojevodina and Belgrade. Today branches exist in all regions of Serbia, including Kosovo and Montenegro as well as the Serbian Republic (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Serbian Kraina (in Croatia). Presently 30.000 men are members of the patriotic movement «Obraz», which (along with other nationalistic organizations) intends to participate in the next election of the Skupschina (Parliament).

Regularly the patriotic movement «Obraz» participates in rallies and gatherings, organizes lectures and actively works with young people. The movement campaign work (posters, brochures, flyers, stickers and graffiti) is well organized. Particularly the movement?s campaign in favor of the ex-leader of the Bosnian Serbs Radovan Karadjich («Сваки jе Србин Радован»)and the campaign against the Latin alphabet had great repercussions. Presently the movement started new campaign «Ово je наш грб» in order to return Vojevodina its historical emblem.

Сваки je Србин Радован

In the fall 2001 the permanent leader and the movement founder Nebojsha Krstich died in a suspicious car crash. Presently the movement is lead by Nebojsha Krstich’s old friend Mladen Obradovich.



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