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The Basic Principles

The Committee of the National Revival of Russia (CNRR) is the organized community of Russian people united by a common cultural (spiritual) wealth and political orientation. CNRR supports the Right conservative, monarchist option.

CNRR has no intent of usurping the rights of the State system establishment and the State functions and rights; however, it reserves the right to suggest particular social and political policies and some civilised state attributes. We are convinced that either a direct referendum or a legal and legitimate legislative institution can legitimize the form of government and the national symbols.

As its main goal the CNRR considers the revival of the legal continuity of State governing.

We realize that at the present moment society is not ready for the return of the traditional form of government, i.e. the monarchy. It is an ideal and a long-term goal. Therefore, we are not supporting a particular person or a particular royal dynasty but rather the revival of this legal form of government.

CNRR assumes the revival of the monarchy will only be within the bounds of the presently existing state order.

The Orthodox Church (no matter under what legal non-sectarian jurisdiction) is our main spiritual base.

CNRR desires that Orthodoxy regain its influence as it had before the revolution. We are supporting most of the regulations of the Russian Orthodox Church Council 1917-1918, including the following:

  1. «The Orthodox Church, the constituent part of the united Universe Orthodox Church, has a public, judicial precedence among all the rest of the religions in Russia due to its holy power which unifies Russia.
  2. The Orthodox Church is independent from the State government in the questions of faith and morals, divine services, inner church discipline and the relationship with other churches and religions.
  3. The resolutions of the Orthodox Church as well as the acts of church administration and court have the judicial power, assuming they follow State laws.
  4. The State laws concerning the Orthodox Church are issued with the consultation and mutual agreement with the Orthodox Church…»

Due to the fact that Russia is a multicultural country we are ready to collaborate with the members of other traditional religions.

CNRR rejects any use of force against our ideological opponents since this can not bring success but would only discredit the Conservative — Right.

CNRR rejects internationalism, considering the uniqueness of every nation.

CNRR considers unacceptable any kind of globalization but at the same time confronts the modern «antiglobalists», who generally are Marxists and anarchists.

We think that the Russian Empire is only an idealistic State and we don’t intend to restore everything that was lost. We are not willing to move history backwards, but strive for a new state, spiritually close to the former Great Russia, waking up the genetic sense of justice. This sense of justice will let us build our country in accordance with traditional and natural principles.

In order to revive the traditions of the army of the Russian Empire the members of CNRR have joined the military-historical community of «The First Hussar Seslavin Regiment» and belong to the 3rd squadron of the regiment. The regiment is based on the friendship and collaboration with the Cavalry Unit of the Russian Military Forces (military unit number 55605). Joint exercises of horse riding as well as the trench-searches for Russia’s fallen in WW2 and other arrangements are held together with this military unit.

The members of CNRR research the tactics and service regulations of the Russian Army, study and improve their military skills, arrange and participate in military ceremonies, church services and religious processions.

CNRR members participate in different scientific conferences and similar functions.

The members of CNRR constantly communicate with Russian emigrants around the world. We are striving for the reunion of the Russian people and consider the emigrants and the people, who live in the independent states, which appeared after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, as an inalienable part of Russian society.

Although CNRR does not consider any changes of its main principles, we are ready for permanent dynamic modifications in order to fit the spirit of the time and to encourage productive work.

CNRR admits the necessary changes of the following state symbols of Russia:

Flag — the flag of Russian Empire 1858-1883, 1886-1917 (a rectangular colour cloth of even large horizontal lines: upper black, middle — yellow and lower — white)

State Emblem (coat of arms) — a small State Emblem of Russian Empire (approved in 1883): A black double-headed crowned eagle in a golden shield, which holds a sceptre and an orb. On the chest of the eagle there is the Moscow coat of arms surrounded by a chain of St. Andrew. The eight coats of arms of the most important Russian Empire territories decorate the wings of the eagle.

Anthem — «God save the tsar (king)», the national anthem of the Russian Empire since 1833. («National anthem», words by B. A. Zhukovskij, music — A. F. Lvov)



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